Job Search Superhero's Digital Dirt Cleaning Guide

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Did you have political arguments with friends and family on Facebook or any other platform the past few months? If the answer is yes then you likely left behind plenty of digital dirt.

What seemed harmless in the past, can be frowned upon by a potential employer, or just about anyone that searches your name today. Don't get caught with egg on your face. Be proactive. This guide lays out the actions you need to take step by step to write your own web story before someone else does. 

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"I decided to try this step by step guide because I was getting interviews, but somehow not getting the job. Turns out there were some Facebook comments I made a long time ago that could have been hurting me if employers searched my name. I was able to easily follow all the instructions and remove around 30-40 old posts that someone looking to hire me could have frowned upon.

Katherine L. (Recent College Graduate)

"I'm really glad I found and used this guide. It taught me so much about how to rank high in recruiter Google searches to have a fighting chance at landing an interview. You really don't know all the stuff you've said online and this guide helps you help yourself with an easy to understand process."

Jay P. (Mid Career Manager)

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