Free Career Cheat Sheets

We will be adding free career and job search resource tools, kits, and templates to this page in the coming weeks.  We appreciate your checking out our products and sharing them with your network if they serve you well.  🙂

Here are a couple of free résumé templates below and other career documents to help get you started.  Remember a template is only as good as the keywords that are in it matching the job ad you are targeting, while still sounding grammatically correct. So take your time and make it sound like they will miss out if they don’t hire you.


Eight Steps to Help You Relate to the Job Search Robot

In this day of digital marketing media and job search, you must keyword focus your…

One Question You Should Ask Before Writing Your Résumé

Dear Amy, I hate my new job. I worked at my old company for 12…

Does a Cover Letter Still Matter? (Template Included)

Does a Cover Letter Still Matter to Get an Interview? (Template Included)

Social Media Job Search eBook Debut

We are happy to report that Mill has finished the new and improved “Social Media…

LinkedIn logo

Why Hire Me

It is more urgent than ever that you are on the LinkedIn platform and that your profile has the correct keyword weight in different sections so it can rise in a recruiter search so you can land on the interview short list.

Top 10 Resume Writers Fake List – Don’t Rank Me Bro!

Over the last year and a half, hundreds of my fellow resume writers and I have been trolled and fake reviewed (new term) by an Internet Marketer of sorts.

Six Secrets to Optimize Your LinkedIn Profile So You Can Land the Interview

To answer the question “does having a professionally written, completed and keyword optimized LinkedIn profile…

What You May Be Doing Wrong with Your Résumé and Why It’s Costing You the Interview

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Don’t Hire a Résumé Writer Before Taking These Preparation Steps

For those of you who have been out of the job search for years or…