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Personal and Business Background Checks – click to schedule chat about this service


  • One state, or multi-state national background checks for job seekers.
  • The state should be where they live or have lived the longest.
  • •Clients add states to the background check a la carte, but each could be an extra fee to be discussed at the time.
    •This package would include our staff calling a total of Client’s last 2-3 employers, if client provides accurate contact info for them.
    •Calls would be to verify Client’s work record, to listen to, and record anything else they voluntarily tell us about our client. The responses as well as state background check are provided in reports to the Client.

$79.99 one state | $99.99 multi state/national


Reputation Defense Starter Package – click to schedule a chat about this service


  • Client pays $11.66 per month (3 month minimum) to Brand Yourself web scraping service and creates a generic password to give to The Talent Mill’s technical writer.
  • Client pays $189.99 per month (3 month minimum) to The Talent Mill | Job Search Superhero team via Paypal invoice for a 3 month subscription to the Reputation Protection Package where writers will develop alternate websites like Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, Pinterest, LinkedIn, a personal or business blog or website, and other web entries in order to help bury the negative results about the client back to the 4th and 5th pages of Google search results for your name. Progress reports are emailed to the client each month.
  • At the end of the 3 month subscription we show you how to conduct this reputation defense on your own and show you how to do it with a step by step video, and PDF tutorials, and/or guided remote lesson (which is an add-on service at $60 per hour).
  • We can also renew the service after the 3 month starter package and continue to write content for the client and actively monitor the web for negative results. The burying of negative results does not happen overnight so the longer you can actively work to suppress them the better your web results will tend to be.


Writing Rates – click to schedule a chat about this service

OUR WRITING RATES (2018 rates)

$60 hourly or the following project rates:

Student or Veteran Resume –

$229 – $259

Trade Resume – $249 – 279

Mid Career Resume

$289 – 329

Executive Resume $329 – 429

Resume + LinkedIn – add $100 for LinkedIn

LinkedIn Profile Development – $99.99 – 199.99

*Returning clients are given a discount

*New Jersey clients are given a NEIGHBOR 10% discount

Send Your Résumés – click to schedule a chat about this service


So many job seekers today are still so busy with their daily lives, working two jobs, trying to make ends meet in the gig economy. We try to make the tedious task of tweaking and tailoring each resume to each job ad go away so you can focus on practicing for the interview.

  • We keyword scan and develop any resume Client gives us to match an ad they give us (provided they actually have the skills).
  • If resume needs a complete re-write an additional fee may apply which is discussed ahead of time with Client.
    •Submit Client’s online application for them.
    •Attempt to get hiring person’s name and either mail resume via USPS, fax, or direct email (one, or all of these if possible but not guaranteed).
  • We do this for a fee of $59.99 per job ad/submission.



Monthly Price

Up to 20 apps monthly $175 monthly and up (monthly price)

21-30 apps monthly $250 monthly (monthly price)

31-40 apps monthly $325 monthly (monthly price)

41-50 apps monthly $400 monthly (monthly price)

Yearly Price

10-20 apps per month $1890 yearly

21-30 apps per month $2700 yearly

31-40 apps per month $3500 yearly

41-50 apps per month $4300 yearly

Monthly Unlimited

Unlimited basic $399 monthly

Education Package

30 pack apps and exclusive EDU package

$300 monthly

$3500 yearly


WHAT PROFESSIONAL RESUME WRITERS CHARGE ON AVERAGE (cost vs. potential savings comparison)

This worksheet was generously contributed to The NRWA membership by writer and career coach Don Orlando.

The money you save in the long run could be in the thousands if your professionally written résumé gets seen by a human and you’re called for an interview.

Myers Briggs Testing – click to schedule a chat about this service

MYERS BRIGGS PERSONALITY TYPE PRE-EMPLOYMENT TESTS (individual quotes per testing group)

Full detailed DISC Assessment Report $149.99 with consultation Q&A session

Sample DISC Report


Tech Rates – both local and remote – click to schedule a chat about technical assistance services