• Résumé Writing
  • Bulk Résumé Submission to Job Sites & Company/Recruiter Websites
  • Online Job Applications Done For You
  • LinkedIn Profile Keyword Development & Writing
  • Online Reputation Defense
  • Online Brand Development
  • Mock Interviews & Practice
  • Myers-Briggs Pre-Employment Testing

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Writing Rates – click to schedule a chat about this service


  • $90 hourly or select one of the project rates below.
  • Student/Recent Grad or Veteran Resume $239 – $259 (5yrs or less work history or a US Military Veteran)
  • Service/Trade Resume $299 – 339 (Electrician, Construction Labor, Truck Driver, etc.)
  • Mid Career/Professional Resume $359 – 399 (10+ yrs work history)
  • Executive Level Resume $489 – 539 (15-20+ yrs work history – manager, director, etc.)
  • Resume Update – adding your new position on a resume we wrote for previous client – $249
  • Human Voice Impact Cover Letter – $99 (personalized & written to each company you seek work at.)
  • 2nd Targeted Resume with Previous Resume Purchase $189 (for more résumé/applications see bulk section below)
  • Resume + LinkedIn – add $199 (discounted add-on) for LinkedIn
  • New LinkedIn Profile Development (previous client – includes banner design, industry skills keyword scan/match, a compelling career story) $299
  • LinkedIn Profile Development without prior service – $389

*New Jersey clients are given a 10% NEIGHBOR discount

*If client has no résumé at all and we are starting from scratch add $100 to price

We can edit your résumé and cover letter for you based on company research and targeted to each job ad you send us. This is tedious work we do for you that raises your chances of landing an interview.


So many job seekers today are still so busy with their daily lives, working two jobs, trying to make ends meet in the gig economy. We try to make the tedious task of tweaking and tailoring each resume to each job ad go away so you can focus on practicing for the interview.

  • We keyword scan and edit/develop portions of any resume YOU give us to match a job ad you select (provided you have 75% of the skills)
  • Each résumé and/or cover letter needs to be re-written to match each job advertisement.
  • We submit your online application/s for you with you standing by on the phone to ensure we enter your best answers and that the resume parses correctly and keywords are highlighted in every section.


  • Each additional targeted edited resume within the same field/industry/job role is $249.99 per job advertisement for the scanning and matching of keywords, editing resume, and applying for you with you standing by on the phone to help answer personal questions. The reason for this is so that we can ensure your information parses correctly into the ATS.
  • Each additional targeted cover letter within the same industry/job role is $89.99.


Tech Rates – both local and remote – click to schedule a chat about technical assistance services Fair prices comparable or lower than the Best Buy Geek Squad!


Reputation Defense Starter Package – click to schedule a chat about this service


    • Client pays $11.66 per month (3 month minimum) to Brand Yourself web scraping service and creates a generic password to give to The Talent Mill’s technical writer.
    • Client pays $189.99 per month (3 month minimum) to The Talent Mill | Job Search Superhero team via Paypal invoice for a 3 month subscription to the
    • Reputation Protection Package where writers will develop alternate websites like Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, Pinterest, LinkedIn, a personal or business blog or website, and other web entries in order to help bury the negative results about the client back to the 4th and 5th pages of Google search results for your name. Progress reports are emailed to the client each month.
    • At the end of the 3 month subscription we show you how to conduct this reputation defense on your own and show you how to do it with a step by step video, and PDF tutorials, and/or guided remote lesson (which is an add-on service at $60 per hour).
  • We can also renew the service after the 3 month starter package and continue to write content for the client and actively monitor the web for negative results. The burying of negative results does not happen overnight so the longer you can actively work to suppress them the better your web results will tend to be.