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#1 Executive Level
15-20+ yrs work history – manager, director, etc. Executive Level Résumé.
#2 Mid Career
10+ yrs work history. Mid Career Résumé.
#3 Linkedin Update
Previous client – includes banner design, industry skills keyword scan/match, a compelling career story. Linkedin Update Previous Client.
#4 Service Trade
Electrician, Construction Labor, Truck Driver, etc. Service Trade Résumé.
#5 Linkedin Optimization
LinkedIn Profile Development without prior service. Linkedin Optimization New Client.
#6 Student / Veteran
5 yrs or less work history or a US Military Veteran. Student / Veteran Résumé.
#7 Cover Letter
Human Voice Impact T-style Cover Letter written for you after target company is thoroughly researched.
#8 Send 6 Résumés
We keyword scan and match 6 résumés (to target job advertisement) & edit each for a better chance of receiving a high score by the ATS. We charge for 5 and 1 is FREE.