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7 Steps – How to Use LinkedIn to Get Hired

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Always remember to explain, provide evidence, and create your own narrative online, before someone else does it for you.

If you want to follow the 7 steps to do it all yourself just scroll halfway down the page below the image of an optimized LinkedIn profile. Don’t forget to come back and comment here, or reach out to me directly to let me know how this strategy has or has not worked for you.

Why Hire Me

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I am a Nationally Certified Online Profile Expert (NCOPE), and an active member of The National Résumé Writers Association. I was The NRWA’s Education Chair for a few months in 2012 and then I went on to serve 5 years as their first Social Media Community Manager.

  • I’ve spent 7+ years, developing résumés and profiles that convert into interviews and new jobs for job seekers.
  • Prior to that I was a Fleet & Operations Manager for 7 years that worked closely with Human Resources to recruit both drivers and operations staff.
  • I handled inbound candidates through the complete hiring lifecycle from their recruitment, to their interview, and thereafter where I was tasked to make hiring recommendations to my superiors. Finally once hired, I handled new employee on-boarding and training.
  • I became very passionate about putting the right (peg) candidate in the right (hole) job.
  • On average – 75% of my clients see an increase in LinkedIn profile views within days after I revamp their profile.
  • 85% of my résumé and or LinkedIn clients receive calls for an interview.
  • As of our most recent client feedback survey, we were thrilled to learn that an average of 75% of our clients have been interviewed or hired after we helped them with their career documents and LinkedIn profile.
  • We work with clients from all around the United States remotely using Skype, FaceTime, and other similar video chat options along with phone, text, and email to optimize their career brand.


To see valid, verifiable reviews of my resume writing business, written by my clients, please see Google reviews –> click here and also visit my LinkedIn recommendations, and a few Yelp reviews below.


Since Microsoft purchased LinkedIn last year and made changes to the platform, it has become the “place to be found for jobs.” Satya Nadella, C.E.O. of Microsoft specifically talked about integrating LinkedIn profiles with Outlook, Excel, PowerPoint, Skype, the Windows operating system, and other Microsoft products. To make members more productive and efficient in their search for work, Microsoft also plans to integrate Cortana, its digital assistant, with LinkedIn. The purchase of the platform also offers Microsoft plenty of user data about where LinkedIn members have worked, have gone to school, their hobbies, interests and more. Microsoft has improved the various paid service tiers for business users as well as LinkedIn Sales Navigator for building leads, and LinkedIn Recruiter for gathering all the information in one place about potential job candidates.

It is beneficial to you to become aware that in 2019, Recruiters are NOT waiting for applications. Often, they tell us that they are not even posting the open jobs on the web, and instead, they are actively searching for candidates on LinkedIn. This is why it is more urgent than ever that you are on the platform and that your profile has the correct keyword density and weight in different sections so it can rise in a recruiter search, so you can land on their short interview list.


I help give people of all ages and industries a better chance of being called for an interview by keyword optimizing and developing a compelling LinkedIn profile for them.

  • This includes creating a keyword banner image from your résumé or offering alternate images related to their target industry.
  • Uploading and editing a new professional profile picture if needed that client provides.
  • Writing an impactful headline that shows measurable results right away. (See mine for an example at https://linkedin.com/in/MillMontejo)
  • Writing a keyword infused and grammatically correct summary of just under the 2000 character limit.
  • Finding alternate industry keywords you are missing and adding them so you can be found for them too.
  • Adding an education section with classes taken which will help raise your chances of being found as a candidate even if you did not achieve the degree.
  • Suggesting industry groups that you should join and adding an industry for you.
  • Provide step by step videos and tutorials on how to work your LinkedIn so you can be found for work.
LinkedIn Page After Optimization
Pharmaceutical Sales Rep – LinkedIn Profile After Optimization

✅ Want to do it yourself? Follow these 7 steps to success:

  1. A profile with a profile photo can result in 14x more views by recruiters and hiring managers than one without a photo.
  2. A 1st person conversational summary of at least 40 words and up to 2000 characters ranks high in Recruiter searches and is a prime section to add industry keywords related to your target 🎯 job role.
  3. Adding an industry to your profile can land you 15x more profile views.
  4. Members that include skills in their profile (up to 50) are 13x more likely to get profile views. Remember to add skills that mean the same thing but written in a different way to increase your chances of being found in a skills search.
  5. Members who include an Education section on their profile are 10x more likely to be found in a recruiter search. So even if you have not finished your studies or took some classes or semesters, list them anyway. Just write ‘pending’ or ‘in progress’ or ‘classes towards – major.’
  6. Make sure to add any volunteer experience in its own section or in the work history section to fill in for a gap in paid work. 42% of hiring managers surveyed by LinkedIn said they view volunteer experience as equivalent to traditional work experience.
  7. Make sure to join groups in your target 🎯 industry and engage in likes, comments, and conversation. Your profile is 5x more likely to turn up in a search result if you join and are active in groups.

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