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We are working to migrate everything from our old website and upgrade to a secure site that protects our clients information as well as our website.  We hope you will join us for weekly posts about the latest job search methods, résumé writing tips, free career tools, templates, and more.

Here is some of what you’re in store for if you stick around:

Old timer resume?

Can I write a résumé without sounding like an “old timer?”  Sure, it’s being done all the time.  Just put down only the last 15 years’ worth of companies you’ve worked for, then include a section titled “Other Experience” where you list the skills gained in the previous jobs.  This way your age is less obvious and you are not dating yourself.

Do keyword research and analysis on the job you want and your current resume.

Go to a job site like www.indeed.com and search for the job you want and logistical area that you want.  Then you’re going to copy and paste the job description into Notepad or a Word document.  This is just to save it for when you lose the page.  Now go to another site called Wordle at http://www.wordle.net/create and copy and paste the keywords from the job description into the text box.